Virtual Data Rooms Offer Secure Storage & Transfer of Files

The current time is the time of the triumph of big data and online. Large and ever-increasing volumes of data plus the speed of IT services define the top requirements for advanced storage technologies in today’s companies. So, how can data room software solve the problem of secure data storage and transfer?

The problem of data storage in modern companies

Modern companies’ data to process and store grows at 50-70% per year. Modern storage systems are actively increasing their capacity and functionality, the cost of keeping 1 MB of information is decreasing every year, but the cost of keeping information is still growing. What is the reason?

New hardware and software tools for recording and compressing data, backing up, etc., are constantly being introduced to the market. However, sensitive corporate data is usually very heterogeneous, requiring different processing methods, storage conditions, protection, access speed, etc. Therefore, by and large, there are no typical schemes for building corporate data storage systems, and the creation of any storage system is an individual project that takes into account the most diverse technical and economic requirements of the customer, objective and subjective factors present in the organization.

This reliable data storage and high-speed access to them require the organization of storage facilities as a separate subsystem of computer systems. This subsystem must be properly designed and implemented to ensure that lost data can be recovered. For this purpose, modern companies prefer using virtual data rooms as a perfect alternative for secure data warehouse and file transfer.

How to simplify operations with sensitive data in a data room?

Data rooms are a modern approach to solving the problem of growing volumes of information. Enterprises of any type can work in a single information space, providing high labour productivity and an increase in company profits. Thus, IT technologies are now actively entering all areas of activity and gaining recognition from company leaders and ordinary employees.

Data rooms are mandatory since they allow you to collect, store and process large amounts of information. Each company has its information base, which is used to carry out a variety of operations. They combine operational and technical components and are selected individually for each company to ensure correct work with data of different sizes.

The top of the data room advantages

If we compare virtual data rooms we will see that almost all software vendors offer universal tools and features to ensure secure business collaborations:

  • Access project information anywhere. You will find all project documents, drawings, images, videos, plans, correspondence, etc., in the electronic project file in the project context – even on the move with any device.
  • Structure documents. With data room project files, you can structure project information according to your individual requirements and transfer this structure to subsequent projects.
  • Ensure data security. The software provides reliable measures for projecting sensitive documents and information from unwanted access, modification and deletion and archiving all documents in an audit-proof manner.
  • Ensure transparency about all updates. The data room can automatically inform you of changes in your project file, the documents, tasks and processes it contains at any time.
  • Provide efficient data management. You can use a data room repository to find documents, e-mails and data immediately in the proper business context and provide customers and business partners with quick information on contracts, invoices, processes, etc.
  • Ensure complete privacy. With data room, you can archive all personal data in your company following the EU GDPR by managing and protecting it centrally, finding it at any time and demonstrably deleting it if necessary.